Regarding thorough product’s design, manufacturing, sales, dealing of material and these life cycle, SASAKI CORPORATION protect environment, ensure the safety for securing employees, customer and citizen and conduct business activities, keeping especially following items below in mind.


  • Deeply understand own products, laws applied for working process and regulations and establish the process for observing these requirements.
  • Make the consideration for environment reflect the company’s business plan.
  • Work for the prevention of pollution, natural resources saving and energy saving and promote forest protection.



Following things below are implemented in order to achieve this policy.

  1. Construct and operate the environmental management system governed by ISO14001: 2015. Reviewing process effectiveness regarding environment, through continuous improvement and work on environmental protection.
  2. Relating to the development of biomass products, environmental consideration design is applied. In the way of manufacturing, minimize the use of harmful material and reduce the emission. Through the products, contribute to reduce the burden for environment in the market.
  3. Share the information relating significant risk about products and working process with employees, supplier, customer, authorities concerned and neighborhood as soon as possible.
Jul., 1st, 2022

ISO14001 is international standard of environmental management system established by International Organization for Standardization. We proceed the manufacturing which doesn’t damage the environment. We do not use harmful material in production process, reduce the usage of natural resources and energy and improve efficiency of daily work. We work on the comprehensive environmental activities in order to take over this precious global environment to next generations.