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sasaki cyujirou
Sound of hammering iron...
History of Sasaki starts.
The company founder who laid a foundation stone Chuujiroo Sasaki
In 1901 at present Bibai city in Hokkaido, the founder, Chuujiroo Sasaki succeeded in manufacturing a plow.
Chuujiroo had abundant curiosity and unusual passions in manufacturing goods.
His challenging mind to ward unknown matter and uncommon creative sprits had been cultivated during his apprenticeship of swordsmith.
Chuujiroo had lived earnestly and entirely for manufacturing goods and he was a man of originality and contrivance being even called "Steel of Meiji".
Keeping exploitation sprits as a principle, he always reacted the development and needs of the society and made a great contribution to Japanese agriculture industries.
Even after retirement from the first line, he always worked in close cooperation for the development of our company giving a lot of precious advices, thus he was always staying with the company.
Chuujiroo Sasaki is the founder, the foster father and also the history of our company.
kakejikuThe founder Chuujiroo Sasaki was presented with a piece of hanging scroll and authorized smith name " Ittesu"as a completion certificate of swordsmith apprenticeship by his master Mr. Toyokuni Miyamoto.

In 1951
Our cultivator was awarded the innovation prize, first time to the agriculture machinery industry.

Shiroo Sasaki, the second generation, with the strong passion and exploitation sprits inherited from his great father elaborated the animal hauled cultivator to have been awarded with the honarable innovation prize at first time in the agriculture industry.
Thus he has lef his name to the development of Japanese agriculture machinery as a pioneer of the western style agriculture machinery.
The sprit of Shiroo Sasaki has been continuously succeeded till today.
1901 "Sasaki Iron Works" was founded in Bibai City in Hokkaido and manufacturing of western style agriculture machinery for cultivation was started.
1925 A branch factory was built at Sanbongi town in Aomori prefecture (present Towada City) and business for the whole mainland of Japan started through distributor sestablished in Tohoku and Kanto area.
1940 "Sasaki Agriculture Machinery Works", a specialized factory to produce agriculture machinery for governmental distribution was established in Manchuria by order of the government.
1945 "Sasaki Agriculture Machinery Company Ltd. " was eastablished at Sanbongi town in Aomori prefecture(present Towada City) by the termination of the War.
1951 The innovation prize was awarded to our company at the first time in agriculture machinery industry.
1960 The company was reorganized to new "Sasaki Agriculture Machinery Co., Ltd." with a capital of Japanese Yen one million and the factory was modernized and enlarged into a manufacturing plant specialized to agricultural work machinery driven by tractors.
1971 Technical collaboration agreement was made with ATLAS Company in Denmark on drying process.
1974 Capital was increased to Japanese Yen 48 million.
1976 Capital was increased to Japanese Yen 97.2 million.
1988 Equipment Sales Department (later, "Environment System Division") was made and sales of environment related equipment was started.
1990 In August, company's name was changed to "Sasaki Corporation".
1996 Collaborated with HSM, Germany, the environmental business was expanded in the field of waste management and recycling equipment, etc.
1998 Tokyo office was established to pursue mainly environmental business.
2000 Capital was increased to Japanese Yen 206.62 million.
2001 A centenary was celebrated.
2002 Capital was increased to Japanese Yen 250 million.
2003 Nagaoka office was established.
2004 Okayama office was established.
2013 Our Capital reduced to JPY 100,000,000.

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