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Agrecultural machinery



Cut Garlic stem and hairlike root clearly!
Continuous garlic root shaving, capacity 40,000 pcs. /day!

Cut clearly, shortly and sharply

Special shape thin root cutter is adapted which has great cutting performance and endurance. It sharply cuts hairlike root from the base. Regarding the large diameter stem cutter, the cut length of the stem is adjustable.

Work at workplace at once

100V power is available. It is possible to work easily by just plugging into the outlet.

Caster stand for adjusting the working height

The standing work or sitting work can be selected by the stretching stand and it is able to work with your relax posture.

Higher soundproof

Motor sound gets more silent and soundproof effect is up. The comfortable working is achieved.

Compact body & Space-saving

The working space can be used effectively because the width of machine is 210mm narrower than former one.

Please download the leaflet if you would like to get more information such as specification and details of machines.

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