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Agrecultural machinery

Can cut the grass that are grown on any flat ground or inclined slope as pleased.

Since one joy stick can perform operation of offset and an inclination, it is intelligible and easy-to-use. Wireless communication with the machine. After the work, After the end of work, only pushing the stock button on the joy stick, and the machine can be returned to the storing position at the tractor back even anywhere the machine is stayed.

Reinforced iron plate guard is adopted at the front and the back of the cover, so it prevents the scattering of the crashed materials at the time of work. More safety.

The notched shaped scraper which has the excellent performance for the removal of the sticked mad prevents the soil adhesion to the gauge roller. So it secures the stable cutting height.

Adopted a high durable and a high tension V belt. Belt tension can be adjusted easily from the cover outside.

By "W" floating mechanism, the machine moves 20 degrees up and down agains the forward direction, and inclines to 10 degrees up and down agains the inclination, so the cutter fit well to the the uneven ground, and . Not allow the remains.

Gamma knife (Model end letter : G) Sasaki Original

The torsion shaped gamma knife diffuses stalks and a leaves! The knife attacks them one after another, and cut them so fine, so it finishes the cutting face of the ground as the flat level.

Y profile knife (Model end letter : Y)

Two pcs. combined typed Y profile knife can be used twice as it is reversible. It's so economical. Suitable for the trimmed branch or remained tree trunk. The price of the Y profile knife is so reasonable, so the maintenance expense is saved.(The consumption part)

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