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Agrecultural machinery

High speed MAX-HARROW can reduce working time by 1/3, and save engine fuel by 15% as compared with the previous machine.

By multiplication effect of variable long rake and fine stainless rake, straw and rice plant stub can be completely buried in paddy earth, so coming out of young plants can be surely prevented.

The special blades for paddy field smoothing crush the surface finely enough, while leaving the lower layer coarse, so hasten the stronger roots growth of young rice plants thereafter.

Tire track wiper blade carries the soils into the tire and caterpillar tracks and finish the flat surface.

Combination of “Front Guard” and “Side Guard” prevent the soil leakage. The difference in the side level of paddy will be reduced dramatically.

Convenient Folding style for transportation and stock. Assure the safety and the mobility by convenient folding style.

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