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Agrecultural machinery

Sasaki levee plastering Machine can change the collapsed ridges and/or the ridges which have the water leakage by holes to the firm and strong ridges which won't be easily collapsed.

Giga disc presses the filed by three directions, the oblique, the shoulder and the upper. Triple direction press makes the firm ridges which won’t be collapsed easily. The tighter ridges are available by the power of pushing and beating from the top and the side of the giga disc.

The roller diameter which contacts to the ridge surface is larger, so the velocity at the roller outside becomes faster, so the stronger power will be loaded on the ridges, and makes the surface firmer ridges.

The std. rotary cutter surely cuts any weeds on the ridge surface, and the additional soils can be fit to the ridge more finely. Also the uniform height ridge is possible every year.

Original ridge which will be the foundation of subsequent ridge is cut into the step condition, so the new ridge is firmly supported and made as the strong ridge against crumbling.

The soil volume to be carried to the disc can be changed to three levels according to the soil condition and the qty.

The reverse type levee plastering machine can be revolved to 180 degrees, so it can surely proceed the unprocessed remained ridges by the forward operation.

Offset width is adjustable for three levels, which enables to select the most suitable working position.

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